We believe
it desirable that all Shuswap residents enjoy the privileges of living within a free, welcoming, inclusive, and civil community; and
We believe that no Shuswap resident or visitor should suffer the pain and discomfort of harassment, intimidation, threat, hateful actions, physical injury, property damage, or other forms of violence motivated by bias; and
We believe that it is the civic duty of all residents to act in keeping with a community in which we acknowledge our diversity by affirming our differences and welcoming the contributions of each resident’s unique gifts; and
We endorse the Charter for Compassion and the principle that we should all treat others in the same way that we would wish to be treated;

As authorized representatives of the governments, agencies, and organizations named, we accept and agree to work towards the effective implementation of policies and practices within our respective governments, agencies, and organizations that recognize, affirm and encourage the inclusion of all; and we pledge our governments, agencies and organizations to the implementation of the integrated responses to racist, homophobic and hate-based critical incidents which are the subject of this Protocol; and we encourage all residents and visitors to the Shuswap to welcome and engage with each other in ways that incorporate the principle of inclusion, the affirmation of difference, and compassion for all.

City of Salmon Arm - Mayor Nancy Cooper
City of Enderby - Mayor Howie Cyr
District of Sicamous - Mayor Darrell Trouton
Columbia-Shuswap Regional District - CSRD Chair David Raven

(Adopted by motion of council)