At Immigrant Services Shuswap, we value volunteering as an opportunity to welcome newcomers and build a respectful and inclusive community. Our volunteer positions provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural interaction, gain valuable skills, and make a positive difference in the Shuswap community.

Settlement Services Volunteers are essential to enabling Shuswap Immigrant Services to provide more comprehensive immigrant services in ways and areas not funded.

Immigrant Services Shuswap needs volunteers willing and able to assist with:

  1. introducing New Canadians to Canadian practices and culture,
  2. assisting young immigrants keeping abreast with their school work,
  3. easing New Canadians into new social communities of which they are part,
  4. providing opportunity for immigrants to meet and relate to immigrants from different cultures,
  5. helping immigrants understand the culture of the workplace,
  6. providing companionship, and
  7. helping the Society publicize and host immigrant settlement events,

Welcoming Community Volunteers are needed to:
  1. serve as Community Partners,
  2. assist in the publicizing, setting up, and hosting Welcoming Communities events.

To become a settlement or welcoming community volunteer phone 250 804-2726 or email or or visit our office and speak to one of our staff.

NOTE: Volunteers are required to complete a criminal background check.