The Settlement Services Worker is the individual assisting immigrants with their settlement concerns.

The Settlement Worker duties include assisting immigrants by:

  1. setting up client intake files and insuring the privacy of client information,
  2. assisting immigrants with acquiring appropriate forms, applications and documents,
  3. checking forms and applications for errors and/or omissions,
  4. referring immigrants to appropriate service providers,
  5. introducing immigrants to community volunteers,
  6. arranging for an individual to accompany immigrants to appointments, if requested,
  7. assisting immigrants experiencing language-related or cultural difficulties finding employment,
  8. completing immigrant community outreach,
  9. documenting and reporting on client services provided,
  10. keeping abreast of legislative and policy changes concerning immigrants,
  11. arranging for immigrant group information workshops by service providers, and
  12. Working together, with the Executive Director, to insure a seamless and complementary delivery of services.