The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the Board. Duties of the Executive Director include:

  1. 1. Facilities management
    • Insurance
    • Furnishings and equipment repair and purchase
  2. Office management
    • Preparing payroll
    • Supplies
    • Client files (privacy)
  3. Project Management
    • Plan to meet project goals
    • Canvassing for and working with community partners
    • Submitting timely reports and invoices to funders
    • Keeping within project budget
    • Writing proposals in response to BCBid Requests For Proposals
  4. Community liaison
    • Attending community events on behalf of the Society
    • Website maintenance and update
  5. Board Officer
    • Legislative compliance (WorkSafe BC, Revenue Canada,
    • Constitutional and Policies and Procedure Handbook compliance
    • Board updates, agendas, minutes, accounts, funding proposals
    • Preparing for Annual General Meetings
    • Preparing Annual Report to members
    • Preparing a draft Annual Budget
    • Reporting changes to the Registry of Societies
  6. Staff supervision and management
    • Professional development / leaves of absence / vacation / mentoring