Shuswap Settlement Srvices Facilitator: Charles Holmes
Charles Holmes is a skilled facilitator with a passion for creating meaningful dialogue among groups whose diverse opinions would otherwise work against a common understanding of desired outcomes.

Charles' number one interest is helping groups to see the potential of what they might be able to create together; to acknowledge, but not be constrained by the past, and to explore opportunities for working together toward a common future.

Symposium Resource: Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block

Shuswap Settlement Services Working in small groups, participants gained experience putting into practice the conditions for meaningful public dialogue. In the process, participants experience the sense of belonging and empowerment that comes with being part of such a conversation.

Modern society is plagued by fragmentation. The various sectors of our communities exist in their own worlds. Many individuals, longing for connection, end up marginalized, their gifts overlooked, their potential contributions lost. This disconnection and detachment makes it hard to envision a common future. Block provides an exploration of the way communities can emerge from fragmentation. He explores a way of thinking about our places that creates an opening for authentic communities to exist and details concerning what each of us can do to make that happen.